Open the era of RISC-V in the field of high-performance computing

"The path for RISC-V to extend to the field of high-performance computing is very clear." Johson Sun, GM of StarFive Technology Chengdu R&D Center, said at the 4th Future Semiconductor Industry Development Conference.

The 4th Global Semiconductor Industry (Chongqing) Expo was held from June 29th to July 1st. As the highlight of this expo, the Future Semiconductor Industry Development Conference has attracted much attention. The conference focused on the hotspots and problems of key technologies in the semiconductor industry, and invited top semiconductor leaders at home and abroad, together with industry leaders, scientific research institutions and media experts, to gain a deep insight into policy trends and industry trends, and accurately grasp the future development direction and innovation strategy of the semiconductor industry. As the leader of RISC-V software and hardware ecology, StarFive Technology was invited to attend the conference and delivered a keynote speech.

In recent years, RISC-V has emerged and is widely used in the IoT market. Now it is gradually infiltrating into high-performance computing fields such as mobile devices, HPC, and servers. Sun Yong believes that in the process of RISC-V penetration into high-performance computing, high-performance RISC-V IP, chips, hardware platforms, and software ecosystems are indispensable.

The industry generally believes that high-performance RISC-V IP needs to cross three thresholds: the pipeline reaches more than 10 levels, the use of out-of-order execution and superscalar, and SPECint2006 at least 7/GHz. At present, only a few manufacturers and institutions in the world have launched high-performance RISC-V IP. The world's highest-performance RISC IP developed by StarFive, Dubhe, has a working frequency of up to 2GHz@TSMC 12nm, SPECint2006 8.9/GHz, Dhrystone 6.6 DMIPS/MHz, CoreMark7.6/MHz, and has been released at the end of 2021 Officially delivered to the customer.

Referring to the progress of StarFive Technology's high-performance RISC-V chip, Johson Sun said that the world's first mass-produced high-performance RISC-V SoC, JH7110, will be mass-produced in the third quarter. JH7110 adopts TSMC 28nm HPC+ process, equipped with 64-bit high-performance RISC-V quad-core processor, with a frequency of up to 1.5GHz. Video image processing and intelligent visual computing meet various visual real-time processing requirements at the edge.JH7110 provides a complete platform solution for edge computing, and will be widely used in single-board computer, tablet computer, cloud computing, industrial control, NAS, HMI human-machine interface and other fields. According to Sun Yong, StarFive Technology's ultra-high-performance RISC-V SoC, JH8100, will be taped out by the end of 2022.

Johson Sun believes that the hardware platform is the basis for RISC-V to move towards high-performance applications. At the end of last year, StarFive launched the world's first generation of cost-effective RISC-V single-board computer - VisionFive, which meets the long-standing strong demand for development boards in the field of RISC-V applications in the industry. Once VisionFive was launched, it has become the first choice of major open source communities, scientific research institutes, and individual developers, providing a strong hardware guarantee for the ecological evolution of RISC-V. VisionFive will soon meet with global developers.

With the characteristics of open source and openness, RISC-V has attracted many developers around the world to participate, and its software ecosystem has evolved rapidly. Sun Yong said that the software ecological development of RISC-V has entered the fast lane. According to the law of software development and evolution, Saifang Technology divides the construction of software ecosystem into four levels, tool chain, operating system and components, development framework and supporting environment and application software, and works with partners to promote progressively layer by layer The development of the RISC-V software ecosystem.

Not long ago, Redmond, CEO of the RISC-V International Association, said in an interview that he hopes RISC-V "rules the world." RISC-V was born in 2010, and its ambitions have begun to emerge since its development. As the first independent company to commercialize RISC-V in China, StarFive is leading the world and opening the era of RISC-V in the field of high-performance computing.

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