Online Interview with RVspace Open Source Award 2021 – 2022 Winner Kamil Kubacki



The RVspace Open Source Award Winner Kamil Kubacki has successfully ported NVDLA driver to Linux 5.15. Kamil is an energetic open source developer. In the year 2021, he got chance to work with the pre-production version of BeagleV board, and have chosen to port the NVDLA to a newer version of the kernel. Regarding to RISC-V ecosystem, he hopes it will continue growing and there will be a strong community which helps in providing SDK and software. He totally believes that from 2021/2022, the number of available SoCs from year to year will be bigger. He has been in open-source world for a long time. In his words, “I like open-source solutions because they give a good opportunity to learn how a given part of software or hardware works. The nice thing is that there is also an option for customizations or modifications.“ Recently, he will go deep to the audio and video processing pipeline of RISC-V boards. For example, creating a streaming device which converts A/V input (from camera or DVB-T device) to one of the adaptive streaming technologies like HLS. He thinks that for open-source hardware and software, one of the most important things is to open clear documentation for devices and components. Normally, he participates in the Element14 Community, Hackaday, CNX Software and



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