RISC-V TEE "Penglai Enclave" officially entered StarFive chip platform


Penglai  Enclave will bring the safety performance of StarFive's chip platform to a higher level!

At present, hardware security faces many challenges. Due to the closed nature of mainstream chip manufacturers in the past, there is a lack of a main line that can accumulate security solutions in China. In order to meet the industry's requirements for security, performance and scalability, and achieve the goals of high efficiency, controllability and mass production, the Institute of Parallel and Distributed Systems (IPADS) of Shanghai Jiaotong University has open sourced a new trusted execution  "Penglai Enclave" based on the RISC-V architecture.

Enclave, also known as TEE(Trusted Execution Environment), is a secure area constructed by underlying software and hardware in a computer system. Protection of code execution and digital assets. "Penglai Enclave" starts from Enclave/TEE and provides a security solution for software and hardware collaboration. As Professor Yubin Xia of Shanghai Jiaotong University IPADS said: Security is changing from "cost" to "feature", and the system security of software and hardware coordination is the key underlying supporting technology that triggers changes.

"Penglai Enclave" is currently the most advanced open source trusted execution environment based on the RISC-V platform. It can isolate multiple isolated environments in the RISC-V environment, and security-sensitive tasks can run in the isolated environment to avoid malicious programs, privileged software attacks. Compared with similar excellent systems at home and abroad, "Penglai Enclave" has an order of magnitude advantage in scalability (number of isolated environments, secure memory) and system performance, and can support high-concurrency and low-latency scenarios such as serverless computing.

The RVspace open source community ( has also opened a "Penglai Enclave" area, where users can view and participate in discussions in real time. According to reports, the transplantation of "Penglai" on the Saifang hardware platform has made progress in stages, and it is expected to be officially supported soon. "Penglai Enclave" will work with StarFive's chip platform to create a secure RISC-V hardware base for the industry.


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